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होम उत्पादElectro Optical Surveillance System

Shore Based Boat Surveillance System , Electro Optics Coastal Security Systems

Shore Based Boat Surveillance System , Electro Optics Coastal Security Systems

Shore Based Boat Surveillance System , Electro Optics Coastal Security Systems

उत्पाद विवरण:

Place of Origin: Wuhan, China
ब्रांड नाम: HEOS
Model Number: HEOS-100

भुगतान & नौवहन नियमों:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Delivery Time: 30 days
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विस्तृत उत्पाद विवरण
Component type: Uncooled FPA detector,650×480 Response waveband: 8~14μm
Equivalent noise temperature difference: 50mK(25℃) Video output: Analog video CCIR
Power consumption: ≤5W(25℃) Operation temperature): -20℃~+60℃

Shore-based Shipboard Surveillance System


Technical Specification


1 Summary


HEOS-100B shore-based electro-optics surveillance system pan-tilt is installed on the foundation which is fixed on land, control keyboard is fitted indoors. At daytime, it performs target observation and surveillance with high performance color CCD camera; At night, it searches and observes the target with infrared thermal imager. The system performs observation, surveillance and hard disk record for the sea or air targets in all weather conditions in 24h.


2 Supply range

Supply range of each set is shown in below:


No. Name Specification Unit Qty
1 HEOS-100B pan-tilt Special purpose anti-heavy type pan-tilt, HD digital camera, high resolution infrared imager and lens Set 1
2 Control keyboard Special-purpose Set 1
3 Hard disk recorder 2 way video output, with 1TB hard disk Set 1
4 Indoor monitor 19″liquid monitor Set 2
5 Low voltage power module +12V,+24V Set 2
6 Cables Including integrated cables and video cables    

4 Main technical data

4.1Equipment makeup

4.1.1 TV camera system 1 set

Digital HD color/B/W camera, main technical index is as below:

Imaging component::1/1.8″ progressive scanning CCD

Minimum illuminance:0.05Lux

Resolution: 600 lines of analog signal, 1600×1200 digital signal

Video compressive code rate: 32Kbps~16Mbps

Serial port: Double nip of digital and analog

△ Optical lens, main technical index is as below:

Focal length: 30mm~750mm continuously changeable

Aperture: F4.0

Control mode: Motorized zooming and focusing, automatic aperture (DC driver)

4.1.2 Uncooled thermal imaging system 1set

△ Infrared thermal imager module Uncooled detector

Component type:Uncooled FPA detector,650×480

Response waveband:8~14μm

Equivalent noise temperature difference:50mK(25℃)

Video output: Analog video CCIR

Power consumption: ≤5W(25℃)

Operation temperature: -20℃~+60℃

△ Infrared lens

Focal length: 176/44mm 2 gear zooming

Aperture: F1.2/1.0

4.1.3 Monitor

19″liquid monitor 1set

4.2 Main performance and technical index

4.2.1 Operating distance

Daytime:In condition of sea visibility≥20km,detection distance for 24m×8m above distance target is bigger than 23km, recognition distance for the target is bigger than 15km.

Night time:Search the target with uncooled infrared thermal imaging system, in condition of good visibility, detection for 24m×8m above distance hot target is bigger than 6km.

4.2.2 Surveillance range and pan-tilt speed

Azimuth:0°~360° continuously

Elevation:+30°~-60°(can be adjusted according to actual demand)

Azimuth speed:0°/s~30º/s

Elevation speed:0°/s~20º/s

4.2.3 Weight

Pan-tilt weight is about 65Kg

4.3 Operating conditions

4.3.1 Outdoor equipment

Environmental temperature:-20℃~+50℃

Relevant humidity:≤95%

Water proof and wind resistance performance

4.3.2 Indoor equipment

Environmental temperature:-5℃~+45℃

Relevant humidity:≤95%

Good electromagnetic compatibility, no interference with other equipments.

4.3.3 The system is suitable for ocean environment

4.3.4 Power supply demand

Provide one way 220V/50Hz AC power,power consumption is 600W.

4.4 Reliability



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