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होम उत्पादElectro Optical Surveillance System

Electro Optics Maritime Surveillance Systems , Automatic Vessel Tracking System All Weather

Electro Optics Maritime Surveillance Systems , Automatic Vessel Tracking System All Weather

Electro Optics Maritime Surveillance Systems , Automatic Vessel Tracking System All Weather

उत्पाद विवरण:

Place of Origin: Wuhan
ब्रांड नाम: HEOS
Model Number: HEOS-300A

भुगतान & नौवहन नियमों:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Delivery Time: 90 days
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विस्तृत उत्पाद विवरण
Color: White Sensor: CCD video system, IR imager, Laser (Optical)
Weight: 120kg Gyro stabilization: Yes
Auto Tracking: Yes Maximum speed: ≥40°/s
हाई लाइट:

maritime surveillance systems


coastal surveillance system

Shipboard electro-optics tracking, surveillance (evidence-taking) system




The director of HEOS series shipboard electro-optics tracking, surveillance (evidence-taking) system is installed on the top deck of the ship, display and control console is installed in the pilot room. The targets are observed, monitored and searched by the high performance color CCD camera system in the daytime, are searched and observed by the infrared thermal imaging system at night.
HEOS series shipboard electro-optics tracking, surveillance (evidence-taking) system adopts advanced gyroscope stabilized technology, and computer image processing and control technology, it is able to effectively isolate from the swaying of the ship, and detect, track, monitor and record sea environment, sea ships and floater and air targets.



Main functions


  • Perform observation, surveillance and search for the targets on air and sea targets in all weather conditions in 24h.
  • Provide manual and automatic scan and search for the target
  • Provide automatic target tracking
  • Provide the radar guidance and tracking function
  • Gyroscope servo stabilization to effectively isolate the ship from swaying
  • Color, B/W, infrared, thermal imaging multi-channel imaging system
  • Provide electric control of focus, zoom etc.
  • Provide real-time video recording function, receive the information date from compass, GPS (Beidou), radar. display the information on the same screen and record time and date
  • Provide long range control function
  • Provide good anti-vibration and anti-shock capability designed for adverse sea environment
  • Provide interface of RS422, 100M Ethernet and video output.
  • Outboard director charged with nitrogen is wholly sealed in order to operate in long use in the adverse sea salt atmospheric environment.
  • Provide certificate of type approval and CCS product certification

Application areas

  • Law enforcement official ship: maritime surveillance ship, maritime patrol ship, fishery administration ship, customs anti-smuggling ship and maritime police vessel
  • Rescue ship, salvage vessel and high speed passenger vessel
  • Electro-optics shore-based surveillance and search system


Main specification


Type HEOS-300A HEOS-300B HEOS-300C HEOS-103
Electro-optics sensor
CCD video system Camera ≥1/1.8”CCD, 3 million pixel high resolution dual-mode camera 1/2”CCD, color/B/W dual-mode camera 1/2”CCD, color/B/W dual-mode camera
Lens 20~700mm 15~370mm ≥200mm
IR imager Detector Cooled type: operational waveband 3~5μm, NETD≤30mK Uncooled type: operational waveband 7.5~13.5μm, NETD≤50mK
Lens 30/150/500mm 3 zoom or 75/300mm two zoom 44mm/132mm 2 zoom or 75mm, 100mm focus 44mm/132mm 2 zoom or 75mm focus
Laser (optical) Illuminator Wavelength 810nm, output power≥10W; divergence angle 1°~10, continuously adjustable
Dazzler Wavelength 532nm, output power≥2000mW, continuously adjustable; divergence angle<2mrad; flash frequency 0~20Hz, continuously adjustable; operational distance: daytime≥1km, night≥2km
Range-finder Range: 150m~5km, 150m~10km optional; accuracy: ±5m None
Electro-optics director
Rotation range Pan: ±170°/0~360°; Tilt: -60°~+85°adjustable

Pan: 360°continuously;

Tilt: -60°~+30°adjustable

Maximum speed ≥40°/s Pan: 30°/s; Tilt: 15°/s
Maximum acceleration ≥120°/s ≥100°/s ≥60°/s  
Gyro stabilization Yes Optional
Auto tracking Yes None
Outline dimension

Turning radius: 350mm;

Height: 1100mm

Turning radius: 300mm;

Height: 850mm

Turning radius: 250mm;

Height: 750mm

Turning radius: 430mm;

Height: 475mm

Weight 120kg 80kg 60kg 50kg
Display and control console
Display 19”/23” ≥15”
Hard disk video recorder High resolution digital and standard analog video recorder, over 15days continuously record period Standard analog video recorder
Electrical interface Video interface BNC/network
Communication interface RS422/RS232/RS485/network None
Weight 72kg 70kg 50kg 20kg
Operational distance In condition of good visibility, target ship: 24m x 8m, ship name &ship no.: 0.6m x 0.6m
Daytime Detect target ship ≥25km ≥15km Detection distance for person in water≥1.5km
Recognize target ship ≥15km ≥7km
Indentify ship no. ≥1.5km ≥1.5km
Night Detect target ship ≥20km ≥7km Detection distance for person in water≥600m
Recognize target ship ≥10km ≥3km
Indentify ship no. ≥1km ≥1km
Environmental adaptability
Operational temperature Outboard: -20℃~+55℃, inboard: -10℃~+45℃
Storage temperature Outboard: -20℃~+55℃, inboard: -10℃~+45℃
Rainfall, compact, vibration, moisture, salt spray Outboard director GJB150, inboard display and control device GB/T6994


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